Complete projects with exact deadlines

From site inspection to the final declaration of conformity, our highly professional BTB designers and installers guarantee high-quality results with exact deadlines.

40 years of experience

We have almost half a century of experience in designing electrical and mechanical installations under our belt; our team has twenty years of experience in implementing industrial and civil solutions of any scale: this is who we are.

Installations all over Italy

We design and implement electrical and mechanical installations all over Italy. Our business has led us to work very often with big multinationals in the sector, located all over Italy.

Dedicated contact persons

Each project is combined with a single technical contact person, improving response time, solutions and resource optimization.

We have been designing and implementing electrical and mechanical installations since we were born.BTB provides certain and guaranteed costs and deadlines to both big customers of the industrial sector and civil projects. This pledge has become our trademark.

The main corporations in this sector have relied on us to supply turnkey electrical and mechanical installations. Reduction of risks, profit maximization and a direct assistance to optimize all resources: these are the advantages of having electrical and mechanical installations developed with high professionalism and quality.


Each electrical or mechanical installation project is managed by a closely collaborating team of professionals, comprising one dedicated key account manager, one project manager and one buyer. By doing so, we can provide our clients, especially in the case of industrial installation projects, with one in-house contact person, who will be able to follow every step and requirement of the project, from the preliminary site inspection, which is paramount to lay the foundations of high-quality efficient projects, to the delivery within an exact deadline, guaranteed by late delivery penalties.


We take care of all steps of each project for electrical and mechanical, civil and industrial installations as well as of all procedures to obtain the certifications required by law. We at BTB handle declarations of conformity for both civil and industrial installations.

"Man’s will power is the great generator of energy. Through will power and willingness one is able to draw quickly in the infinite store of inner strength"

Paramhansa Yogananda


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