PLC and HMI Integration

We integrate all brands of PLC and HMI (Siemens, Rockwell, GE, ABB, Invensys, Schneider, etc.); we also work on existing plants, by reusing potential spare parts.

Reverse Engineering

In the case of obsolete installations with no technical documentation, we can provide reverse engineering projects.

Tailored solutions

We are a contractor and we develop tailored industrial automation projects according to the installation characteristics and our client’s requirements.


We recover old machines and installations, by developing revamping projects to upgrade their performances.

We develop industrial automation systems, by tailoring them to the industrial process or machine that needs to be adjusted. What makes our work stand out is the fact that we are able to design industrial automation systems, starting from the process implemented by the company

We at BTB do not sell products, we offer solutions; as a solution provider, our goal is to fully exploit the industry capacity and production flow at any time.


PLC software development is the key to every industrial automation system. Starting from the process type, we establish the project specifications needed to develop PLC and HMI software.

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We supply PLC or electromechanical control systems for hazardous areas - both pressurized (pressurization system owned by BTB FrullInox®) and explosion-proof - certified ATEX for zone 1 and zone 2 and suitable for installation in North and South America, Europe, and India.

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We develop PLC system projects on all brands. Our solutions are suitable for installation and are certified for the European market (CE marking), the American and Canadian market (UL/CSA marking), and the Russian market.

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"The Machine, properly used, has the potential to provide for humanity in abundance while liberating it from unnecessary work."

Frank Lloyd Wright


Forty-year long history

BTB is one big family. Our company was founded in 1973 and started as a family project. Over time it has developed, believing that in order to bring innovation, we need to be able to innovate ourselves first. Today BTB is an industry employing ninety people, constantly growing and conducting business at international level.

Each day we focus on designing highly professional turnkey solutions for the industrial automation field, the photovoltaic industry, for civil and industrial electrical installations, for special systems and machine instrumentations.


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