Turnkey solutions

At BTB, ‘turnkey’ refers to a complete industrial photovoltaic installation project. We follow every step of the project, from the first site inspection to the final request of connection to the electricity grid for photovoltaic installations;

Scheduled maintenance services

Our BTB assistance service covers the whole production chain after installation, fixing every type of malfunction. Our after-sales service is also extended to industrial photovoltaic installations that we have NOT supplied..

Only certified products

We only use certified high-quality products. Thanks to a careful selection of the best suppliers on the market, we provide a 25-year warranty on photovoltaic modules, power optimizers and inverters (standard warranty: 12 years that can be extended to 25 years).

Continuous monitoring

By using our own software, we can remotely monitor data from the installation at any time including fault management, thus optimizing time and cost.

Our photovoltaic installations guarantee significant economic benefits, thanks to energy saving and self-consumption of self-generated energy. Apart from optimizing resources and reducing environmental impact, when privates install a photovoltaic installation, a percentage of total cost can be deducted from taxes, while companies enjoy a depreciation rate.

Thanks to the high-quality of the materials we use, our installations are long-lasting and safe, with fully certified structures, including resin anchor. In line with our eco-friendly philosophy, we at BTB also take care of the end-of-life complete disposal of installations.


At BTB 'turnkey' service only means one thing, when we are talking about photovoltaic installations. Our team is specialized in developing complete projects, starting from targeted site inspections. Then we assess the project feasibility and, if results are positive, we take care of development. BTB is also ready to help you manage paperwork that must be transmitted to the pertinent authority (start of construction notification). Afterwards, we deliver, install and test installations. Finally, we lodge a request to connect the photovoltaic installations - whether or not they are industrial, to the electricity grid.


Our after-sales service provides a fundamental support for all installations. By offering the possibility to subscribe to scheduled maintenance services, all production steps after installation are fully monitored and followed, with rapid interventions to fix any type of malfunction. Our after-sales service is also extended to those installations that we did not supply, putting our whole service team to their disposal.

"Innovation can only happen by modernizing and supplying clean energy".

Joan Miró


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