Our company is made up of technicians and engineers always on the field; our company grew in construction sites and is ready to find a comprehensive solution - and not mere integrations, for all your needs.


The story of the company started back in the 1970s, by designing projects for electromechanical control systems and industrial electrical installations. As our experience grew, we decided to expand our expertise to new sectors which have now become interconnected through integrated turnkey solutions. Starting from our experience in planning and implementing control systems, we have developed new ever-innovative business sectors for industrial automation, which are fully in line with the required standards, even for hazardous areas (IECEX and NFPA).

Our quality standards are high, we don't take short cuts and we always strive to reach one goal: providing high-performance solutions respecting budget and deadlines. We see a deadline as a commitment that must be respected; it is the mantra of every project, both at national and international level.

As a matter of fact, we work together with the largest groups in the sector, providing our multidisciplinary know-how, which can be applied to control installations and systems for chemical, electrical, hydraulic, renewable energy installations as well as for automated installations and machines.



We are specialized in industrial engineering solutions, control panels, integrated turbine and compressor systems and PLC software development.


Each project is a new reason to grow. Our engineers are always ready to take on new challenges, while looking for the best solutions.


More than forty years of experience, hundreds of projects, and always the same pledge: guaranteeing exact deadlines and respecting allocated budget for efficient and safe solutions.


Our technical support in our facilities is always operational; we intervene within 24 hours from the request, everywhere in the world and for any type of installations, even if they are not owned by our company.


BTB is a big family growing every day; we believe that, in order to bring innovation, we need to be able to innovate ourselves first. Today BTB is an industry employing ninety people, constantly growing and conducting business at international level.